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Pinner is moving!

Yup. It’s true. We’re moving!
We are streamlining the business and so our Pinner branch is relocating to our main branch in Kenton.
The Kenton address is: Laptop Doctors, 31 Kenton Park Parade, Kenton Road, Harrow, HA3 8DN (Opposite 375 Kenton Road).
The number will remain the same: 0208 909 1313 .
If you weren’t aware, Laptop Doctors currently operates from 2 local branches.
There’s one in Kenton on Kenton Road, and one in Pinner on Bridge Street.
Well after a LONG thought out decision, we have decided to streamline all our processes from one branch!
Which one is closing?
Our main branch has always been our Kenton Branch.  Our main repairs are completed from here, and the repair process can be completed a lot quicker from here.
Therefore, we’ve taken the decision to keep the Kenton Branch as our main hub, and move away from Pinner.
Why are you closing?
There are a number of reasons for us to close a branch, with the main one being the service provided to our customers.
As with all machines that we book in, we always aim to provide the highest level of service and with the streamlining of the business to one location, we can pool our resources and provide an even BETTER level of service to what you are used to.
When are you closing?
Our last official trading day is Saturday 17th December 2016.  We’ll still be around for you to pick up machines booked in before this date, up until the 24th December.  Our neighbours, who have been super supportive, will be given any information to pass on to you, if you do come along and find we are closed.
Do I have to find somewhere else?
NOT AT ALL!! We will STILL continue to provide a service to our clients and customers in Pinner and the surrounding areas.  We have built up our customer base and love to serve our customers so there’s no need to worry, We’ll be right here for you. We love the Pinner and surrounding communities and will always want to provide a brilliant service, and we will CONTINUE to do so.
What’s the new number?
Our telephone number has been, and always will be, 0208 909 1313 .  If you’ve saved it in your address book, brilliant!
If you haven’t saved it yet, you never know when you might need us so now is a good time as any to put us in your favourites.
Will I have to travel far?
If you normally bring your machine to our Kenton branch, then this will not affect you.  If you normally use our Pinner branch, then keep in mind that the Kenton shop is NOT that far away!  There are a number of ways to reach us, the easiest being by bus or car.
You can catch any number of buses to get to us.  The easiest one is the 183 which will take you from Pinner to right outside our Kenton shop.  (When we say outside, we LITERALLY mean OUTSIDE.)
If you have access to a car, it’s only a short 15 minute journey to us.  Not that far to travel for a brilliant service.
What if I can’t get to you?
This is where we can increase the level of service we provide to our customers.  Remember, we will never abandon you or leave you stranded.  We’ve tried to provide as many alternatives so that you can get your machine repaired by us:
1) You can always call us on 02089091313 for advise and questions
2) We can remotely access your machine if it’s possible. Just ask us.
3) We regularly do home and business callouts for networking and other issues.  If you feel you can’t get to us, and we need to physically come there to assess and fix the problem, we can definitely do this.
4) ##NEW##  We’ve now started a collection and drop off service where we pick up your machine from your location, book it in onsite, get the machine repaired and deliver it back to you.  To book in a machine head over to:
So what do I need to do now?
Nothing at all.  You can come to us, or call us anytime you face a computer related issue.
We’ll be introducing a whole new list of services that we weren’t able to provide before so definitely keep an eye out on our new website at, and like our page on Facebook at
We really hope to see you soon, even if it is to pop in and say hi or bye, and remember, we’re here for all your IT needs.
Sawan Gosrani – Owner, Laptop Doctors.

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