We all know it can happen.

You've stored your photos and documents on your machine in anticipation of using them or sharing them but you forgot to make a copy. And then the worst happens....! Your hard drive fails!!

You've potentially lost all your photos from the family holiday, the ones of your newborn and your grandma who passed away last month....

First, take a breath! Second, call Laptop Doctors.

We have 3 levels of data recovery to help you get your files back:

1st Level: Basic data recovery using quick tools and skills to recover data back on to another drive, machine or USB stick

2nd Level: Intermediate data recovery using advanced systems to dig in deep to the coding of the hard drive and extract the data

3rd Level: High Level data recovery. A clean, static free, white space environment where your hard drive is opened up and physically repaired to gain access to your data.  (High success rate to recover data from badly physically damaged drives).

Data Recovery